It provides peace and quiet throughout the expedition, so you can admire the natural behavior of our Masurian nature.

Water bikes

Great idea for spending time with family or friends. Comfortable seating ensures comfortable swimming for 4 people, while large spacious deck provides excellent and safe entertainment on the water.

Łódki wiosłowe

Paddle boat is the ideal equipment for “walks” on the lake or fishing trips. 

Speedboat „VIPERA”

An alternative for those who like to move around the water quickly and comfortably. Our boat, thanks to its unique look and performance, will ensure an unforgettable experience of its use.
Speedboat license are not required to drive this speedboat.
For those who intend to try it for the first time, we provide basic training.

Speedboat "Jaszczur"

Thi speedboat is a motor yacht for longer trips. It has a living room where we can relax during the trip, as well as a decayed roof that protects us from rain or sunshine.

Speedboat license are not required to drive this speedboat.

For those who intend to try it for the first time we provide basic training.


Windsurfing is a sport for active people. We have equipment for every weather conditions, for first steps as well as for more advanced windsurfers.

Speedboat trips, wakeboard and more

Large dose of adrenaline and thrill for everyone !!!

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