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Dry sauna

Dry sauna is a great experience with many benefits for the body. The air temperature inside reaches 110° C and the humidity reaches only 10%. Research shows that it has a great impact on our health. Skin at this temperature clears by opening pores and discarding impurities.

Steam sauna

Steam sauna, or Roman bath. The humidity reaches even 100% and the temperature oscillates around 40-50C. Steam helps to relax the whole body. By using it regularly we can increase the body’s resistance to disease.

Sunny meadow

During a relaxing session, your body will get the extra dose of vitamin D3. This vitamin slows aging and improves skin condition, accelerates fat burning, improves mood and well-being. Sunny meadow session will make you feel joyful, full of optimism and energy.

Hydromassage (Jacuzzi)

Hydromassage helps to improve your mood, stimulates and energizes you, allows you to maintain good form. It removes fatigue and relaxes. It also soothes aching joints, headaches, relaxes tense muscles.


Wet sauna

10 zł/ h
Every next hour is 30% cheaper

30zł/ h
Every next hour is 30% cheaper

Steam sauna10 zł/ h
Every next hour is 30% cheaper
40 zł/ h
Every next hour is 30% cheaper
Sunny meadow15 zł / 15 min.35zł/ 15min. (max. 4 person)
15 zł / 30 min.
Every next 30min is 30% cheaper
45zł/ 30min. (max. 4 person)
Every next 30min is 30% cheaper
Whole SPA area50 zł/ h150 zł/ h

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